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Webinar: How to Demonstrate Value

Are you sure that your team are really demonstrating the true value of your product or service?

Are you convinced that your team can describe the value propositionof your business?

Don’t understand why your team have to give discounts so quickly  – and why so much discount?

Sign Up for this 45 minute webinar and I’ll give the answers to how your team can sell Value.

Go to http://www.langdonhamblin.co.uk/webinars/ and you’ll be able to sign up for this FREE of Charge of webinar that will allow your team to start selling in the way that you want them too.

Don’t delay – as this is a vital area for all sales teams, places will be limited.

Sign up now and see how you can tuen your team around.

Sign Up here:http://www.langdonhamblin.co.uk/webinars/

For your FREE 45 minute webinar