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Social Selling

Are you standing in the kitchen in this Social Selling Party?

300 million users are already registered on LinkedIn, and there is a new member joining every two seconds.


Do you want to know how to start doing business on LinkedIn? Talk to us about:


Profile reviews – make sure you’re on LinkedIn; your profile can you be found easily and explains how you differentiate yourself from competition.


Introduction Course

If you’re brand new to LinkedIn then this is a nice gentle way to understand what it is, how to behave and how to build the basics of a revenue generating profile.


Intermediate Course – 

You’ve been on LinkedIn for a few years, but don’t really understand it. The course demonstrates how to build a better profile to start getting you business.


Company Pages –

It’s not just you that needs to be on LinkedIn – it’s your business.

If you need help ensuring that your business and the services that you offer are portrayed in the correct style, then speak to us.


Sales Leads –

It’s alright having all the above, but what about some leads?  There are £millions being generated every day – let us help you get your share.

To find the right course for you and to book on a course email info@langdonhamblin.co.uk or call 07748 776 252