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Every business owner asks the same question, “How can my sales staff achieve greater productivity?”  By creating a structure that works for your business and is designed to your team, your business will very quickly see a rise in productivity and profits.

A structure encompasses every aspect of your business, from the sales team to the compensation or rewards you give to your staff to account management; the decisions you make about how processes are implemented affect every part of your business. A great structure shouldn’t be hard to follow!

We’re great at implementing structures that work and a fundamental principle of sharpening or creating a sales structure is that it your business will see significant and measureable improvements from it.

Sometimes, even the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference.

Our Structure Solutions can include the following; however we also provide custom consultancy to your business requirements.
The design of your team
Field v Inside Sales Team
New Business v Account Management
Compensation – is your plan simple? Does your plan reward the behaviours that you wish to encourage
Do you have a Sales Process?
CRM- Creating custom sales processes that mould to your customers buying methods.

To see your business thrive through a successful sales structure, contact us to unlock your potential