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Modern sales competencies go way beyond the standard and traditional techniques we are all familiar with; meaning the value of your companies offering has to reflect today’s market environment.

Understanding essential sales metrics is key and one of our specialties is to offer a superior performance enhancing programme that simply engages your sales staff to achieve a higher level of sales in a modern and involving manner. Many businesses start with sales metrics and include other competency based solutions to complement the service to bring their sales up to a higher level.

There are a wide variety of competency based services we offer and yet the outcomes are very similar. They all result in businesses that have improved sales efficiency, higher performing staff and a more organised approach to selling to customers.

Here are just some of the core areas we provide consultancy services:

Understanding Your Company’s offering
On Boarding / Induction Programmes
Rapport Building
Questioning Skills
Presenting in an engaging fashion
Building Value Propositions
Selling Value


To speak to us to see how your business will benefit from these solutions please call 07748 776 252 or email info@langdonhamblin.co.uk