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Flexible Sales Director

A flexible sales director in selling skills for effective business development

Have access to all of the experience, knowledge and services of a highly focussed sales director within your budget and on your terms. Sounds too good to be true?

An interim sales director is a flexible way to utilise specialised experience when you need it, perfect to implement sales strategies and help you through those tough times. After investing in sales consultancy to produce high performing results, a flexible sales director is the perfect addition to help staff move with the changes and bed in.

Always being on hand, when your business requires is an essential back up tool as well as a great way to boost sales and trigger a buzz around your business to give your competition a run for their money.

Think of us as additional members of your team but without employment issues, recruitment fees and no risk to your business.

We’ve worked with businesses over a 6-12 month periods to implement strategies and launch new products to the market. This gave them confidence in knowing their sales staff had a leader to motivate them and encourage them to achieve.

Get your business on the map and start seeing results, call us to discover how we can help you reach your goal