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Sales Teams

Unlike traditional training, sales coaching is a more hands on approach to actively challenge sales staff and get to the root cause of what is holding them back to perform to their full potential.

Our personalised coaching is designed to provide a flexible and regular learning and development programme so that sales staff are supported and continually challenged to improve their performance.

Many sales managers support their staff and motivate them; however our proven track record indicates that an outside influence accounts for a higher performance and success rate.

Sales staff that receive coaching, rather than one off training are more likely to feel more accountable and supported after each session, leading to a rise in performance as well as a higher staff retention level.

Langdon Hamblin works with experts in their field who are confident about their approach to work as sales professionals, however adding methodical sales coaching and strategic techniques to their staff significantly improves efficiency and productivity. Working to existing strengths, we really do unlock your businesses potential to be exceptional.

Speak to us to find out how your sales team can go from great to outstanding.