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Business Development

Business development improving selling skills and techniques.

Winning business is the foundation of any business and whether it’s increasing existing customer spend or generating new clients, Langdon Hamblin are experienced in developing an in-house plan or outsourcing the approach to sales.

In –house Development
We analyse your current development plans and create an improved, more prioritised strategy to identify new opportunities or we simply create a new plan for businesses that don’t currently have a structure.

Working alongside your sales teams, we’ll introduce new ways of working and integrate techniques that will result in increased conversions and a better, more improved customer journey.

Outsourced Business Development
Langdon Hamblin is proficient in generating sales leads and fulfilling appointments to client’s requests. Working to fixed costs to make it easier to budget, we carry out lead generation on your behalf, freeing you up to focus on your core business

Working to best practices, your brand is preserved and your company ethos is represented to clients on your behalf to deliver a seamless journey from first contact through to a face to face meeting. From day one, we engage with prospective customers and build up trust and confidence to convert the lead into a sale for your business.

Businesses approach us for a quick fix to their business development, however there is no such thing unfortunately. It takes time to deliver exceptional results and we would not wish to damage a brand by offering a quick fix to steam roller their business into a new lead so we recommend a 6 months period to see results.

Take action and develop your sales with Langdon Hamblin, contact us to discuss your future sales plans.

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