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We deliver expert sales and business development consultancy for increasing sales effectiveness in the North East


Modern selling is about understanding your customer, putting yourself in their shoes and thinking about the client’s problems and challenges. Only then can you stop being, just another salesperson and you become a successful and outstanding business consultant.

Being an asset to your business is more valuable than ever these days and our priority is to build on the successes of existing sales teams to make better and higher performing sales people.


Our core areas of focus are:

Business Development– Analysing, creating and implementing development plans for business success

Sales Coaching– Focused, motivated and performance driven coaching

Sales Consultancy– Strategic and realistic approaches to boost businesses results

Flexible Sales Director – Interim sales support and independent reviews to support every size of business

Personal Development– Action orientated, goal driven coaching to perform at a higher level

Value Selling– For accountants to add value to their clients to increase profits