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We like to share knowledge and pass on tips and useful resources for sales professionals to develop and concentrate their time on what they do best, sell.

Here, you’ll find useful downloads of e-books, sales tips & techniques and sales forms for expenses, mileage and day to day reporting.

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Our app is now ready for download for Apple and Android users, it’s a fantastic tool for tax advice and support as well as offering valuable sales techniques at your fingertips.

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Sales tip #1

When presenting your product or service to a potential client, make your presentation exciting. It sounds simple enough but most people reply on PowerPoint to convey their message, why not try another method?

Prezi is a fantastic tool to liven up your presentations and create a new and stimulating way for your audience to stay interested.

Don’t use a slideshow! Controversial, however most people can only focus on one thing at a time so either talk or show a slide.

Excitement is contagious, if you’re passionate and positive about what you’re selling, your audience will be too.



Don’t Split Your Nuggets.

Everyone has sat through presentations that have been somewhat bland and uninspiring, this e-book has a few tips to help you present in an interesting and interactive manner to engage your audience.

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