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Our partners are here to provide valuable and unique services that help your business grow and develop.

To find out more about our Partners, please contact us or visit their websites.


Quantum Law –Tax Lawyers

At Quantum Law we focus on the small details. We believe that by ensuring enough care and attention is given to any particular situation or problem it is usually possible to find an answer or a resolution. Of course, to provide the right solution you also need experienced advisers looking for it. That’s why at Quantum we’ve invested in highly qualified and experienced people to guide you through whatever issue or situation you may be faced with.

Whether you’re an individual, a business or a professional adviser we have the experience to help you in our key service areas. What’s more, we’re a multi-disciplined firm. That means we not only have experienced lawyers on hand to help but also chartered tax advisers, accountants and individuals with significant experience in other fields such as business and sport.  Quantum have a specialist team that are able to look after your Research and Development Tax Credits.

For more details on the services offered by Quantum, then they can be contacted on : 0845 226 9008.


Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop provide far more than the hosting solution, that the company name implies. They have been providing hosting solutions to accountancy firms and small businesses for over 5 years.  The company is well funded, which has enabled them to grow their infrastructure in line with client needs.

The benefits of hosting are:

Access to your office documents, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Increased security, compared to an office network approach
  • No capital outlay for equipment
  • Improved business continuity (all data is automatically backed up in 2 data centres)
  • IT support provided 24 /7 – from a UK supplier

As well as the hosting services, the company can provide;

Data Snapshot Back-Up for additional peace of mind

  • Secure Document Exchange
  • Email Archive – launched Feb 2014

Contact the Hosted desktop team on 020 3239 6181



We’re customer feedback & satisfaction – pure and simple. Satisfied customers not only stick around, but recommend you to their friends and associates, so they’re a ridiculously cost-effective engine of business growth.

The ‘Customer Sure method’ is pretty common sense: ask customers questions THEY care about at a time which is relevant to them. People are grateful that you respect their interests and time, so this leads to higher response rates and more relevant, more actionable feedback.

The software’s geared around asking these questions and making sense of the results. There may be other ways of keeping your customers happy but we don’t know of one as simple or obviously anchored in common sense and politeness!

Contact the Customer Sure team on : 0800 978 8454

Proctor Partnerships

Proctor Partnerships offers a tailored service to accountancy practices that are looking to solve succession planning issues, whether it’s through practice or fee disposal. Proctor Partnerships have a range of accountancy practices that are actively looking for fee acquisitions, practice purchase, merger or sale. They have developed an innovative solution ‘Centralised Partnering’ which can provide an alternative and profitable approach which you may have not considered.

Contact the team at Proctor Partnerships on: 07785 594285