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Winning New Clients – JSW Chartered Accountants

JSW Chartered Accountants had an issue with attracting new clients.  The company had been trading for over 25 years and had been successful.  However, the traumatic events of the office block being burnt down had led to the principal, Stuart Williamson, re-evaluating his firm.

“I only survived the fire, because I had taken a hosted solution from Hosted Desktop, but the fire made me e-evaluate every part of the business.  I realised very quickly that I had an issue with new business. I simply wasn’t attracting enough new clients.  I decided I needed outside help and asked some peers and another long standing supplier to the firm, Rob Griffiths of PfP Fee Protection www.pfponline.com, if they knew anybody that could help.

I drew up a shortlist and chose Dermot – one of the reasons being that he was prepared to travel to meet face to face, whilst others didn’t make that effort.”

Dermot has a very personable, light touch approach, but does not leave any stone unturned, and is also not afraid to ask the uncomfortable question. He’s quite happy to be measured, as he comes from a sales background, so he’s quite used to that environment.

We completed an audit of our previous approach, and then started to work on an agreed action plan.  This did involve a new website. I was reluctant at first, but when I saw my old website had duplicated approaches to document management, I realised I had to agree.  Dermot describes himself as a circus ringmaster, and has relationships with website experts, who have produced a great website.  Although outside of his original brief, Dermot has project managed this area, to ensure that we have a great site – and we do.  More importantly, it’s also winning us business.

We‘ve added a TaxApp form TaxApps Limited – the clients love the payroll calculator and really offer our clients and potential clients some great content from the site.  It also links with our social media site’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So with our website in place, we’ve added some seminars into our lead generation programme – and Dermot has agreed to speak at one those – Improve the Profitability of Your Business – and our clients have fully booked that seminar out.  Dermot is very well connected in the sector and has arranged for one of his contacts to give a Research and Development Tax Credit talk.  However, I’m also given ideas to put into practice, where Dermot is telling me to use my own, existing local contacts.

One area that has proved really powerful for me is the ability to talk through opportunities in great detail.  I’ve been given some great clarity, ideas and ways to approach meetings, that I never would have dreamed of in the past.

The relationship is going really well; we’ve just had our best ever January for new business, and that is really at the start of what we plan to do.  I’m really excited about this year – it holds great opportunity for us and I can’t wait to get going.