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Accountex – Should I attend?

So exhibitions are dead, long live Google search – other browsers are available.

Accountex is the UK’s leading exhibition for accountants in practice and runs from 13/14 May at Excel, Dockland, London.  The leading suppliers, software houses and thought leaders are all available in one exhibition hall to learn from.

So with huge amounts of content available at the push of a button, telemarketers contacting you for appointments and web conferencing technology freely available, why are exhibitions still valid?

Accountex 2015    Have a look at this video which gives some of the reasons  why you should attend Accountex (3 min 20 long.)

Well, of course, exhibition attendance, should only be one part of your marketing strategy, but the reason for attendance and spend on stand e.g. F1 simulator on the Thomson Reuters stand, (Thomson Reuters have had a 15 year sponsorship of the Williams F1 team, now ended. Thomson Reuters and Williams F1 Team ). Young attractive people on stand, cupcakes, popcorn, head massages, lots of freebies are some standard ways of attracting people to your stand.

So why should you attend Accountex as a visitor?  A well organised supplier, who promotes well pre-show, is well organised and manned during the show, but most importantly follows up quickly and well post show, will do well.  Those who send a follow up email, a week after the show, you’ve wasted your money.

As a visitor, you will be able to meet people! In some ways a trivial statement, but in today’s digital marketplace, choosing who you like most on an individual basis, is still a way that people select, who they want to do business with. People buy people.

You learn – lots of company and industry bodies to visit. Over 225 seminars to listen and learn from.

You can compare products – if you’ve worked out what the product requirements are for your firm, then you can compare at the show.  Ask the questions on implementation and training– not be enthralled by the latest widget or gizmo.

You can compare follow up.  There is the great story about dealing with angels before you buy a product, but dealing with devils once you are a client. Follow up will indicate if your potential supplier can deliver on their promises.  Even if it’s the best and most suitable solution, if they don’t follow up in a sensible or agreed time span, then question yourself if they are the long term supplier for you.

It’s a day out of the office, in a relaxed environment, where you will learn. By all means be prepared to research an area of interest, but renew acquaintances, listen to a quality keynote speaker and keep an open mind to learn about a solution, you’d never heard of.

Attend – it’s a quality day out of the office.