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Xero Delivers Customer Delight

Xero is a leading light of the Cloud software movement and the Xero bandwagon rolled into Newcastle last week. In five years Xero has grown from having 4 UK staff working from their homes, to over 100 UK staff, housed at the coolest office in Bucks(!) and more importantly to over 83,000 UK paying clients – Xero Financial performance 2015.  Whatever your feelings about financial performance, it has disrupted the market, by delivering beautiful software.

Xero has up until 2015, focussed its sales effort through the accountancy channel, but in FY 2016, with no doubt ever increasing sales numbers to hit, it will also increase its direct ties with the end client.  So over 100 seminar attendees came to feel the Xero love and it is certainly a company that has raving advocates for its brand, including well-known names such as KPMG.  This is what interests me so much.  How do make people like your offering so much, they go the marketplace and tell the world about you – they really are the stereotypical “additional salesforce”.

Accountants should have been fearful, because cloud software makes businesses more productive and therefore potentially reducing accountancy compliance fees.  However, cloud software enables the accountant to offer more. Rather than look backwards, the accountant can start to become a Trusted Advisor – let’s look forward and plan.  With a range of partner products to fill the product gaps that Xero did not have, Xero were able to offer a rounded solution that included additional tools such as graphical dashboards and receipt management that takes the drudgery out of financial management.

So how has Xero made its clients love its software?

  • First mover advantage
  • Saves time – for both client and accountant
  • Beautiful software – radically different design to that previously available.
  • No paper – all documents are digital.
  • True cloud software, designed from the ground up to be designed for the web, not a legacy system, & delivered on a hosted platform.
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Lots of partner add-ons to choose from.

The key factor has to be that all of the above lead to a closer relationship between accountant and client.  The client no longer dreads speaking or meeting the accountant, because the entire mind numbing job of collating paper has been taken care of. The accountant can use his or her skills to advise on the business, rather than organise a sheaf of paper. Win-win on both sides.

The Xero business, underpinned by a slick marketing machine and a high level of client engagement, has made it highly successful from a client winning and customer delight angle.  Heavily funded by VC capital, it will be intriguing to see how and when this translates into financial success.

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