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Winning New Clients – Beware

The news media are full of reports which confirm that UK PLC is in growth mode.  Hurrah – it’s been a long wait since the heady days of 2008 /9.  Additional evidence of growth has been provided to me by seeing that estate agents are leafleting popular residential areas, and every tradesman I know is busy.


I’m also delighted to see that professional service firms are also reporting an increase in business, with new client wins being reported.


However, what the really successful firms are doing is firing clients.  Yes, they are getting rid of the:


BMW’s – Bitc**s, moaners, whingers

Poor payers

Clients who don’t listen

Clients who don’t act

Clients who don’t provide information, when requested.

Not reacting, by dropping price when clients threaten to go elsewhere


And quite often they are not even telling the clients, that they are happy to see them move elsewhere.


This means of course, they are spending time, with clients, who are of a positive mind, are good to work and whose businesses, show great potential over the medium and long term.


So the question is how do you ensure that you are not taking on bad clients?


I assume that you have as part of the new client process, that you check clients out for financial safety.  There’s a range of websites, that can give this information immediately – e.g. Credit safe, Tracker, www.duedil.co.uk to name but three at random.


You can also ask for references from some of their other suppliers.  A great trick I learnt from my first job, was to ask for payment up front in year one.  As we‘ve never traded with you before, we don’t know what you, therefore we need payment up front.  The beauty of this approach is that you create a mind-set of payment up front.  I don’t understand firms, who allow their clients generous credit terms.  Of course, you can put people onto a direct debit, if the work is not going to be completed for some time, but don’t become a borrowing bank for your clients.

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