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Video – The Future of Content

There is a lot of talk about video being the future of online content.  Oh no, another shiny new toy for us all to get excited about.  But why is Video Marketing Important?

  • 75% of people watch a video at least once week and 55% do so every day


  • Branded video content reaches 46% of internet users in the UK and more than half click through to the brand’s website


  • 80% of internet users watch a video on a website they visited in the past 30 days.   46% then took action based on the call to action associated with the video


  • Video emails are 90% more effective than text – pictures, as always, speak louder than words


  • Cisco expects video to account for 57% of consumer traffic by 2015, nearly 4 times as much as regular web browsing or email.


  • Over 1 billion unique users visit You Tube every month


  • Video is the most shared brand content on Facebook (and other social media)


  • Video results have appeared in 70% of the top 100 search listings on Google


  • Videos increase the chances of a page 1 listing on Google by 53 times


I could go on and inundate you with statistics, but I’ve think I’ve made my point


So to make a video, I have to use a specialist film production company, who use incredibly expensive software to edit and produce the content?

Well, of course those companies exist – and do a great job.


But there’s this really smart device called the iPhone (other brands are available), which you can use at an entry level point.  It gets you off and running.

Alternatively, there is a range of software available for the OC and Mac, which offer great starting points e.g. Camtasia.

The point is that you don’t have to use an agency, although if budget allows, they are a sensible option.  The point is that there are a range of options available, video is engaging, entertaining and allows YOU to come across.


Have a look at the options available on your smartphone – or You Tube channel – click the icon at the top of the page – to see how other firms are using video.

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