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Captaincy – Paul McGinley Makes the Difference

Like most of the British public, I share a great an interest in sport and had a great weekend watching Europe retain the Ryder Cup. Europe’s winning captain Paul McGinley richly deserves all the praise that has and will continue to come his way.

The connection between sport and business will no doubt follow, with books and indeed no shortage of lecture opportunities available to Paul McGinley to discuss how you can take the lessons from the Ryder Cup teams planning, preparation and execution and transfer those across to the business world and your team.   Of course, it’s no secret that Sir Alex Ferguson spends some of his time now he has retired from the day job on the lecture circuit and was used by Paul McGinley to chat to the European team before the tournament started.

However, I’d like to use another sporting parallel to draw attention to the links between sport and the business world.  The cricket season has ended and close to home in Lancashire, we see the sorry tale of the proud cricketing county Lancashire being relegated from the main competition – the LV Championship.  Lancashire had started the season with high hopes and were led by Peter Moores as coach and Glen Chapple, as captain. Chapple has been a life-long Lancashire player, having served the county for over 20 years, making his debut in 1992. Chapple has also played for England, but only once, in a one day match. Chapple has been Lancashire captain since 2009 and had created a close bond with coach, Peter Moores.

Peter Moores had returned to Lancashire for a second stint as coach in 2011. However, at the start of the 2014 season, he had taken a new job – England coach.

Lancashire decided that Chapple could be both captain of the team and coach.  Their relegation, despite Chapple performing admirably on the pitch proved a burden too much too take.


So my question to you is, what would you do in your business, if your key employee left?

Do you have a plan B?

Would you ride out the storm by yourself?

Are you doing too much already?

Paul McGinley had a large support team, with a number of vice captains, guest speakers and additional staff.  I can’t talk in detail about Glen Chapple, but did he have help – of course there were staff to help him, but did he really share the workload, share the stress and have colleagues step up to the plate and really own the responsibilities they had been given?

Look at yourself and make sure that your team is helping you. 

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