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Business Development – Be Clear and Concise – No Executive Jargon

Welcome Back to 2014 – This year is going to be different.  Along with many others when in corporate life, my personal goals were to deliver my objectives in 6 months, earn a lot more than last year, whilst helping little old ladies across the road, whenever the opportunity arose.

For a variety of reasons this rarely happened.  Rarely, never happened.

However the process of setting goals is still very valuable.

So for this year:

  • I want my copy to be clear, concise and to the point.
  • I want to be interesting to my LinkedIn and website visitors.
  • I want to be invaluable to my clients, in their efforts to grow their businesses.
  • I want to lose 9lb in weight.

(I’ve agreed to take part in the Coast to Coast cycle ride with friends to help achieve Goal 4).



I also commit to not using executive jargon, in an effort to impress.

As Winston Churchill stated “Use simple words everyone knows, then everyone will understand”.

Thank you to Drayton Bird for a great email on the above topic, which confirms, one of my pet hates of corporate life.


Have a Great 2014!!

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