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Accountex 2014

Well the much hyped event is almost upon us.  Thousands of suppliers to the accounting industry will flock to the Excel Centre in East London, sorry meant to say thousands of accountants will flock.  In terms of organisation, you have to take your hat off to the Prysm Group and the incredibly slick sales and marketing machine that they have put together to promote this event.  Now in its third year of existence, I am positive that every accountancy firm must have been invited, by at least half a dozen suppliers, or potential suppliers to this event.

For, whilst I will be working at the exhibition – come see the Symphony CRM solution on Stand 106, bespoke CRM solution for accountancy firms, the main attraction will be twofold:

I)             Online bookkeeping solutions

We have the Xero offering – still capturing hearts and minds. Still correctly seen as the disruptive influence amongst global software suppliers.  Still seen as innovating in the sector, and still spending that Venture Capitalist’s cash on grabbing market share.  However, now it has some serious competition; IRIS has bought Kashflow and of course has approximately 50% of accountancy firms using one kind of IRIS software solution.  Sage One announced increased subscriptions last week (May 9 2014) – up to 33,000 and Intuit are playing for real, with the recruitment of a field sales team to back up the undoubted investment that they can plough into the sector, from profits generated by the group.

II)            Incentives to Entice visitors to stand

The second reason, why I love attending exhibitions is to see the enticements that companies make to encourage visitors to stop and chat at their stand.  Sweets, massages, coffee are all well-trodden routes to encourage accountants to stop and chat.  This year’s must see stand is Hosted Desktop, based upon pre show publicity, who have developed an app called Beat the Taxman.


So with pre show excitement hitting new levels, I’m really looking forward to the show.  If you are a visitor, then stop by Stand 106 and say hello.

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