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The Most Important 15 minutes of A Meeting

These are the 15 minutes before the meeting starts. Whilst no two meetings are the same, and also transactional sales are rapidly different to relationship sales, the one constant is being prepared.  Like all well prepared salespeople, you will have completed your pre meeting preparation, a few days before the meeting is booked.  So arrive at the meeting destination at least 15 minutes before the meeting starts, park up – or find a coffee shop.  Arriving early means that you are relaxed, and Murphy’s Law states that you find a parking space, first time and close to the meeting venue.

Fire up your iPad and review your pre meeting notes out – financial performance of the business, key staff, key sector companies and challenges facing the business.  Then remember why you are there:

What is the agenda – you obviously have a printed agenda to hand.

Visualise the way you will be building rapport – what are the personal interests that you have gleaned from LinkedIn?

Practice your opening to the meeting – make sure it’s clear, crisp and to the point.

What questions are you going to ask?

Gets your prospect talking – you should be talking for only 30% of the meeting.

Structure your questions, so that you move from rapport building to confirmations about the company to the number one challenge that they face.  Once you are in this detailed area, then dig deep down into this topic and do not move away from this subject until you have exhausted the topic and gleaned all the information that you need.

Whilst talking about the challenges faced, you must ensure that the client, in his own words, tells you how much the problem is costing their business.  Get them to quantify the issue in their own words. This is vital.

Understand their priorities and also what is the key priority that they have as a business leader.

Makes sure that you understand their decision making criteria are – this is to make a decision to purchase on the day, or to move you to the next stage of the purchasing process.

Visualise what a successful meeting will look like and what you need to do to get there.  Close the meeting positively, agree the actions to be taken, book the follow up phone call and meeting there and then.

You’ll find that successful salespeople do not run around trying to do 601 things at the same time – focus on the meeting, be interested in the people you are meeting, be enthusiastic and passionate about your company’s solutions, and make sure that you discuss the outcomes that you deliver.


Happy Selling!!

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