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I can’t claim to be a big watcher of television, and even less so, now that Borgen has come to an end on BBC4.  However, there is one show that I have set up to record – The Hotel, Channel 4 on a Sunday evening.


The show, now in its second series, is based in the Grosvenor Hotel, a privately owned hotel in Torquay, home of the English Riviera. The show follows the hapless owner manager, Colin, as he struggles to gain control of the hotel and turn the loss making concern around. The show’s two other main characters’ are; Christian – Events Manager and Alison – Reservations Manager.


Mark bounces from disaster to disaster; he’s in a desperate need to make additional money, so he’s appointed Christian to run profitable events.  Christian is disorganized, quick to blame others for mistakes and doesn’t communicate with his colleagues.  A Magic event night was run, without any control on the number of tickets printed and no planning for the event, meaning that they lost over £2.00 on every ticket sold – over 400.


Mark fails to manage Christian effectively, but is also prone to act upon his own ideas – without informing staff.  However, Mark does understand the importance of sales.  Last week’s episode had the hotel running a Wedding Fair in the middle of the summer (?). The fair was busy, but not one serious enquiry for The Grosvenor was made, because Christian had decided he wanted to model wedding dresses, so he left the hotel’s exhibition stand vacant. Mark finally asked Christian what he was doing, and told him to start selling the hotel services.


Next week’s episode is being trailed with Mark announcing to the staff that he has lost his financial battle to keep the hotel running.  Unfortunately that’s no surprise – an ineffective staff, no processes, no planning and no communication between management and staff, or line managers.

So I’ll tune in, or watch on one of the variety of catch up methods and say a quiet prayer that I don’t work for a company like this – OR DO I?

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