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Tips for a GREAT sales meeting

Sales meetings are an essential way for the Sales Manager to convey information to the team; Company information, new and old Marketing Initiatives and Sales Performance. However, how many people look forward to them?


Let me share a few tips to make theses essential meetings flow more easily:


Start Positively

Focus on success – share with the team the good news. This can be new wins, but don’t gloss over them, Why did you win, what were the differentiators (IT CAN’T BE PRICE), which competitors did you beat?


Peer Recognition

Whenever you’ve had a big win, ensure that the sales person, pre sales and even the marketer receive due recognition. If they deserve a bottle of champagne, then make sure that it is delivered in front of their peers.  Research shows that money is NOT the main motivator for sales people, but Peer recognition is.


Pipeline Reviews

The Sales Management Team is responsible for having an in depth understanding for each team member’s pipeline – there is no need for everybody in the sales team to hear about every deal – IT’S BORING.  Ask each team member to present one opportunity, and then the rest of the team can ask questions. This then turns the session into a coaching session, which makes it meaningful and productive.


Lost Deals

Do not be afraid to discuss lost deals.  Whilst painful, these deals can be turned into great learning opportunities.  Discussed as a team, you can ensure that if sales approaches have not worked, that they are not repeated.  The team can also come up with alternative approaches, so if the situation crops up in the future, with a similar set of scenarios and competitors, then you are able to react more intelligently.


Make It Enjoyable

Whilst essential, these meetings can become repetitive and boring, if they follow the same agenda.  Ensure that you have a variety of speakers, juggle the agenda, where sensible, ask different team members to chair the meeting.  Have different prizes for the Salesperson of the month / Quarter.



Follow these steps, and make your meetings more productive.

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