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How to Welcome New Clients

Customer Tip Number: 2

You received the order paperwork, you finance team have accepted that all the paperwork has been received and the order value has been placed against your sales figures. Fantastic!

But what about the client – what do they receive.  My interest in providing exceptional customer service started when , as a bright eyed bushy tailed software salesman, back in 1998, who was about to deliver his great product to a brand new client on January 3. A client, who decided to change from his previous supplier of over 10 years,  A client, who had written a cheque for £22,000 – and in return, that client received – a CD.

A CD in a plain plastic wallet.

An unbranded CD.

And as I handed the partner of an accountancy firm, his new product – his first words to me were:

“Is that all I get for £22,000?”

(Actually it included some Anglo Saxon)

In fairness to the business that I was working for at that stage, I called into the Sales Director to recount the tale – and within a month, and yes this next sentence does show how fast time moves on – we had a gleaming software box, which included a Welcome letter from the Managing Director, a branded CD, pen, coaster and mouse mat.

So what are you providing today, to ensure that at the moment of peak satisfaction – just after having placed an order, you are giving your new clients a warm welcome to your business.  Of course today, we are able to create webpages that hand hold the client through the initial days of their customer engagement. Do they have all the key contacts that they will need? Do they know what documents they should have downloaded and read? Are they and their colleagues aware of any videos that they can watch?  Do you schedule in a courtesy phone call each week for the first four weeks.  Also, do you send a simple one page letter from the Managing Director that Thanks them for their business and welcomes the start of a long relationship?  So few people send letters these days, that you can have a great impact by sending personalized letters.

I’m sure – and hope, that you have many more ideas about how you could – and should welcome your NEW BUSINESS clients on board.



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