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Customer Retention Tips 1

The most important aspect of the customer journey is to ensure that it starts in the right fashion.  So as you’re putting away your order pen, as the client has just signed the contract, what should you do?


“Thank You for your order. All of my colleagues at company XXX will do everything to ensure that we deliver on the faith that you have shown in us.”

Of course feel free to use your own words here – the most important thing in business is to be yourself, but it’s amazing how many people forget to show the common courtesy of saying thank you for the business.  Setting client expectations is an important aspect of the prospect through to client journey – and this must be continued all the way through the client experience.

However, you shouldn’t let the client feel that he is going to be forgotten, as soon as he signs on the dotted line.  There is a very old joke about client experience – people being shown to a beach environment, with constant sunshine and cocktails when they are being wooed, but as soon as they become a client, they are taken to an environment akin to hell.  “What’s happened to the beach environment that you took us to two weeks ago they ask?” – Ah well, that was before you became a client.

So of course be business focussed, don’t be shy about working for a profitable business.  However, by being committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience, will result in a long term partnership, where the more you interact with your clients, the more they understand you and funnily enough the more they will buy from you.


If you wish to learn more about the POGMARC© system of client experience, the contact us at info@langdonhamblin.co.uk




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