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Business Development for Accountants – Winning New Clients

Winning new business is not an easy task, whether you are an accomplished salesperson with considerable amount of training courses under your belt and a devotion to life-long learning – or a technical professional, with limited business development training (planning, analysis, metrics, digital marketing, social media, presentation skills, running a meeting, follow up or negotiating skills) to highlight just a few competencies that are required to intrigue new clients to contact either off or online, and then to have the skills to convert enquiries to conversations to sales.

However, it does not have to be as daunting as you may perceive.  There’s only one way to eat an elephant – and that’s one bite at a time.  It’s just the same with your approach to winning new clients.  Every firm is at a different stage of the business life cycle, and therefore they have different needs – and most importantly, they need to work at a different pace.  Taking action is the most piece of any drive to gain new clients, so if you have already taken that step, then congratulations!!  You are on your way.

If you have tried approaches, but hit a brick wall, lost motivation – or struggling to find the time, due to existing work pressures, then that’s a different conversation.  You want more clients, but are struggling to service those that you have – how are you going to cope? Do you have the type of clients that you want to trade with? Are you doing too much and not charging the correct level of fee?  Or are you just looking for a helping hand to drive you on.

Recruiting to your weakness, should always be the policy, to drive your own practice on.  If you want a FREE 30 minute telephone conversation / Skype, then I’ll be delighted to chat.  Drop me a line at info@langdonhamblin.co.uk.  I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

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