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Business development for Accountants – Talk about Outcomes

One of the most obvious mistakes that inexperienced sales people make is to tell people all about what you do – the operational bits, the doing.  Your clients are not interested in this – what they are interested in, are the outcomes that you have delivered – and the outcomes that you will deliver for them.


The most famous book that covers this area is Simon Sinek’s – Start with Why or watch the TED presentation on You Tube  , people are far more interested in Why you do what you do, rather than the What.


I know that when on been on prospect presentations with clients, that as a professional – accountant or lawyer – that people take as read you have technical ability. So why then do you bore your prospects by talking technical for 90 minutes – the person following on, talks English, establishes about the prospects issues, how they will take them away – and walks away with the contract.


Don’t tell me this doesn’t work, I’ve been in those meetings. Working with small firms, being pitched against the largest independents in the region – and won.


So when you are in front of a prospect, do not talk technical – they are not interested – talk about the outcomes you’ll deliver.


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