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In an age where we are bombarded with messages from all angles, its very difficult for any brand to stand out.  We get messages from work, friends, family, radio, press and of course our smartphones don not give us a minute’s peace.  It’s still an amazing statistic based upon the number of smart phones that are being used, bit over 98% of all text messages are opened, whilst 88% are emails are unopened and 71% of tweets not read. (Mashable.com July 2012)

Increasingly firms are encouraged to be wacky to ensure that their message is heard in all the noise.  YouTube has a number of videos that show the Australian “Dancing Accountant” who springs into dancing mode in a variety of locations. It may well have gained some attention, but the average view on his videos are around 1,000, so can hardly have claimed to be a viral success.  For what is worth the “Dancing Accountant does Kylie is mildly amusing, but hardly repeatable by the majority of accountants – or it may be said copied by others in industries that are deemed as more creative than accountants.

Of course, if you have the time to trawl YouTube, you can find other examples of firms that have been more inventive, when they want to differentiate themselves – whole firms dancing in city centres that get across the culture of the whole firm, Whithum Smith and Brown – http://www.withum.com/popupvid_music-video.html.  Far more effective in my humble opinion than the Dancing Accountant.  Thomson Reuters OneSource have also produced a fantastic video called” Thomson Reuters I want to be a Tax Accountant” – well worth a watch.

However, whilst all these campaigns demonstrate a clear attempt to differentiate themselves, then one campaign that I saw last night , is clearly streets ahead of all of these attempts.

The MINI #mininotnormal, is just so well thought out, planned and executed, its really effective.  If you watch the accompanying video, you’ll see how Mini has completely and unexpectedly delighted its own clients.  Obviously a British icon, and a brand that has never failed to differentiate itself from competition – then this is a great example of how even in today’s world – you can really stand out.

#mininotnormal works in many ways.  It uses billboard advertising – how many people are doing that today?  It’s totally focussed on Mini clients and most importantly not only are Mini clients completely and unexpectedly delighted, but even if you are not a Mini driver, its very heart-warming to see how the Mini drivers are pleased with their surprises.

There you, even if your budget is not a s big as Mini’s, you can still be different and delight your clients.  Need any help with that thinking, then contact me on:




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