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Business Development for Accountants – Blurred Lines

So a fantastic Ashes cricket series was completed, in results terms yesterday, with England winning a compelling test match in the Chester Le Street evening gloom. A match which had swung in both sides favour was turned England’s way, with a stunning match performance form Stuart Broad – @StuartBroad8.  Finishing the match within four days, enables the England to hopefully celebrate in style, and have today to get over a well-deserved hangover.  I one for one fully support the “Celebrate your Success” motto, and a 3 -0 scoreline, with one Test match still to play, certainly falls into that category.  I also hope that the team are left to enjoy the night out – round Newcastle if they have any sense – and not pestered by the media.

However, it’s interesting that this match, like the others in the series, could so easily have gone the other way. The difference between winning and losing, as never been so slim, with the exception of the Lords Test, but the convincing score line is all that matters in the winner takes all society and Sky Sports hyped environment that we live in.  Alastair Cook et al can book the BBC Sports Personality of the Year event in their diaries, and hopefully the team have worked out that a couple of autobiographies from the team will appear for the Christmas shelves.

But are they really that much better than the Aussies? If you chose a joint team, I think it would be evenly mixed, but all that is forgotten, as England win 3 – 0. If you translate this into the business world, and I’m sure many more qualified people than me, will have a go, what does this mean. What’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful Business development (BD).  Keep the faith; don’t be afraid to amend your plan as you’re performing, as England did at teatime on the fourth day.  Keep calm under pressure and continue delivering you’re agreed long term plan, as this is the plan that you have spent a long time developing and then executing.  When it’s a team game, there will always be one person that raises their game and delivers the ultimate prize.

For me, it’s the fact that the difference between winning and losing is small.  You do not need to make many changes to have an impact.  What’s important is that you have the plan – spend time on the plan, and have faith in the plan. Adjust and tweak, but keep faith in the plan.

Develop your plan – Go on, you know you want too….

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