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Business Development for Accountants – Barclays Premier League

So it’s back in all its unashamed, sensationalist glory.  Dominating the newspapers, the twitter feeds and our television screens – cable, satellite, Terrestrial and Digital.  With a formidable competitor to face for the first time ever – BT Sport – we can expect even more from Sky, as it strives to maintain its position as the premier paid for broadcaster in the UK.


Whilst I can speak football, at a moment’s notice, one of the appealing aspects of the Premier League, and there are several that aren’t – are the managers.  The sophisticated Special One has returned, to be faced with two new competitors in the North West – the educated engineer from Chile – Manuel Pellegrini and Young Fergie, installed to replace the legend that was Sir Alex Ferguson.


One of the projects that marketing teams work on to establish brand values is: If you were a car / supermarket/ newspaper, which one would you be.  It sets the grey matter thinking, and creates some lively debate.  So let’s put an additional twist on the game – If you were a football team, which one would you be?


Arsenal – Classy, ahead of most of the pack, but falling rapidly behind the three teams above.  Once great, but appear to be falling at a steady rate of knots.


West Ham – Feisty East enders, led by gum chewing Midlander and a man with no shortage of self-confidence – Big Sam, Bought well in the summer, Big Sam can be relied upon to steer you home to safety of the Premiership port in May.


Crystal Palace – Led by the one and only Ian Holloway, they face an uphill battle to survive, but will provide lots of entertainment on the way.


So which football team are you? Does your marketing, office and culture reflect the business that you think you are.  What would your clients say to you?   How can you bring elements of this brand into your marketing – or are you already.  If you wish to add clients, then I’d urge you to consider these aspects and consider if they could help your firm win new clients.


It’s a great way to spend a team meeting or indeed a partners meeting.  There are some fascinating comments made by your colleagues.


Happy Selling,

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