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Customer Feedback

We all have to give feedback; after a training course, manager’s performance at work, every time we ring for support, or use online options.  We can’t get away from giving our opinion on how we’ve been treated.

Overall, I’m happy to contribute to these surveys. They are put in place to enable the company to have direct feedback from users; they can see straight away if there are major issues, they can get ideas about new products or services that they should be offering.  Big companies using modern technology to listen to a broad range of clients and acting in a responsive manner to client feedback.  It’s the way that the modern business should work.  Adopt SMS, email, SaaS survey tools, tag Net Promoter Score (NPS) onto invoices to gain an immediate understanding of what our clients are thinking.

I’m sure I’m like most people; I’m generally well treated by support teams, when I ring to resolve an issue.  So, as a reasonable chap, I give the business a reasonable score.  If I’ve been well looked after, then I’ll make that the person who dealt with me, is mentioned and given a high score.

Recently, I wasn’t looked after well, so I gave a score of one – out of ten – to that individual and the overall service. I gave the lowest score to every question I was asked.  I answered the survey promptly, within hours of the issue.

Having believed that this business cared about its clients, I was expecting a follow up email, if not a phone call from customer service.

Nothing happened – just glorious, corporate silence.

So now of course, I’m really cheesed of, with the company. I’ll switch as soon as my contract allows, and I’ve totally lost faith in that brand.

However, what I’m going to do from here on in is give low scores to the next few surveys that I complete.  I want to see if companies are actually doing anything with the data that they collect – or does it just go into a corporate data warehouse, never to be used.

It’ll be interesting to see those firms that react positively – and those that do nothing.

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