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Christmas TV adverts challenging the digital revolution

Well it’s that time of year, when TV screens are saturated with companies entertaining us, with reasons to buy from their stores.  I’m of an age, when you knew the Christmas season had started, because the mega Woolworths TV advert was played incessantly on our (black and white) 22” telly.

Today of course it’s a different story – whilst TV is still important, we are entertained, persuaded and cajoled into visiting screens by apps and adverts designed for the web.  The number of companies sending paper Christmas cards over the past three years has shrunk dramatically, whilst the number of companies sending digital Christmas Cards has increased dramatically.  Many companies have stopped sending cards altogether, and make a donation to charity.

John Lewis Christmas TV advert 2011

However, despite the vastly changing digital landscape, it would still appear that the Christmas TV advert can generate discussion in ways that all other media fails.  For the past two Christmas, John Lewis have led the way, with the mega TV advert. Who can forget the 2011 effort, where a young boy waited impatiently for Christmas Day – so he could give his parents a present.  Personally I liked it, probably because the young boy, looks like me in my youth – if only, I was so generous!

This year’s effort is called The Journey and again touches all of the emotional buttons that have worked so well for John Lewis, over the past 24 months.  Emotion has worked well for John Lewis – there is an album of all the records they have used to their adverts available, and we the general public, have responded by flocking to their stores and buying record numbers.

So how have their competition responded – well Tesco have made a massive departure from their normal advertising style – and used emotion led adverts.  Fuelled by poor financial performance and John Lewis advertising, Tesco have responded in kind.  Unfortunately, it would appear that the great British public, are not impressed with the Tesco offering, with the majority of comments on YouTube and Marketing Magazine being very negative towards Tesco.

So, what does this tell us; The Great British Public still look forward to Christmas TV adverts, TV is still a very powerful medium, John Lewis have great advertising and Tesco need to try harder.

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